Bitcoin For Fairness: Bringing Financial Sovereignty to the Global South

• Anita Posch, founder of Bitcoin For Fairness, travels to Zimbabwe to observe the need for Bitcoin in the Global South.
• She found a nation in distress due to a kleptocratic ruling elite that had been inflating the national currency for decades.
• Bitcoin For Fairness was founded to bring Bitcoin knowledge to the Global South, and was sponsored by LEDN, Okcoin, Paxful, Coinfinity, Breez and Trezor.

Anita Posch, the founder of Bitcoin For Fairness, has been traveling around the world to learn how the globally unbanked can benefit from sovereign money. During her first visit to Zimbabwe in early 2020, she found a nation in distress due to a kleptocratic ruling elite that had been defrauding and stealing from their people by inflating the national currency for decades. Military support allowed these leaders to stay in power for over 40 years, leaving the nation in a state of financial ruin.

At the time, there were few true believers and HODLers in Bitcoin, and the majority of people seemed to be more focused on trading and short-term profits, rather than learning and understanding the technology. Anita was inspired to found Bitcoin For Fairness, to bring Bitcoin knowledge and infrastructure to the Global South.

With the help of the Human Rights Foundation, LEDN, Okcoin, Paxful, Coinfinity, Breez, Trezor, Brad Mills, Peter McCormack, and many other Bitcoiners from around the world, Bitcoin For Fairness was able to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Geyser and secure over 500 donations. The donations were then used to build Bitcoin communities and infrastructure in the Global South, and to provide educational resources so that people can learn about and use Bitcoin for financial sovereignty.

Bitcoin For Fairness has been successful in its mission thus far, and is working to continue to expand its reach and educate more people in the Global South about the power and potential of Bitcoin. With the right education and support, Bitcoin can help to empower the unbanked and create a more financially equitable and just world.