Grow Abundance in Your Urban Home: Urban Farming with Erin

• Erin started homesteading by accident after finding a Craigslist ad with no pictures and two sentences saying she will give cheap rent if the tenants feed the chickens.
• It turned out that the person who posted the ad was Novella Carpenter, an urban homesteader who wrote a book called “Farm City” in 2009.
• Erin and her boyfriend took on the challenge of tending to this backyard farm, which has been rewarding both personally and financially for them.

Starting Homesteading By Accident

Erin moved to the Bay Area about four and a half years ago when she and her boyfriend were looking for a place to live with a backyard. They came across an unusual Craigslist ad with no pictures saying someone needed a sublet for six months if they were willing to feed the chickens. After some back and forth, they found out that it was posted by Novella Carpenter, an urban homesteader who wrote a book called “Farm City” in 2009. Taking on this challenge of tending to this backyard farm seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up, so they drove across country in their U-Haul and settled into their new home.

Unique Challenges & Advantages of Urban Farming

Urban farming comes with its own unique set of challenges — from managing pests in limited space, to getting access to water or soil amendments you need without having to buy large quantities at once — but also advantages as well. For example, since you are living on site you can easily keep an eye on your plants and animals throughout each day’s cycle for signs of distress or damage from critters or weather conditions. You also don’t have to worry about long drives or transport costs associated with rural farms. Additionally, there is something uniquely rewarding about producing abundance from such constrained spaces!

Paying It Forward & Reaching Kids Through TikTok

Not only does Erin take great joy in tending her urban farm but she also loves paying it forward by teaching others how they can do it too through workshops or via her TikTok account (@erin_landed). She believes that everyone should be able to learn how grow their own food regardless of where they live; if people know how easy it is then they won’t be as likely to depend solely on grocery stores during times of crisis (like what we are facing now). Additionally, she is reaching kids through TikTok videos showing them how fun growing things can be!

The Future For San Francisco & Bitcoin Astrology

Erin is cautiously optimistic about San Francisco’s future — especially as more people embrace sustainability initiatives like composting or permaculture farming which not only help reduce waste but also provide green job opportunities for those looking for new career paths outside tech industry jobs. We also talked about Bitcoin astrology — trying to forecast future price movements based on planetary cycles — which is something that has always intrigued her due to her background in earth science research!


In conclusion, Erin’s story inspiringly shows us how one can create abundance out of even very limited resources like a rented apartment with a small backyard in an urban area! She has embraced both challenges and rewards that come along with this type of lifestyle; from teaching others how easy it is grow their own food regardless where they live to exploring fascinating topics like Bitcoin astrology.